04 Jul

1. A spacecraft is freed from fiction ___ launched into space.
A. It
B. It is
C. After is
D. After it is – need a conjunction to combine the two clause
2. ___ with their surroundings, or they hide in crevices for protection.
A. Lobsters
B. Lobsters blend – The sentence needs subject and Verb 1, matching it to the Verb after comma (hide)
C. Lobsters blending
D. Because lobsters blend
3. _____ a ball-and-socket joint, the elbow is a simple hinge joint.
A. While the shoulder
B. While the shoulder is – need a conjunction to combine the two clause
C. The shoulder is
D. The shoulder
4. A car has several sections with moving parts, ___ of those parts is essential.
A. Good lubrication
B. Well lubricated
C. And good lubrication – need a conjunction to combine the two clause
D. And well lubricated
5. Bears cannot see well ___ small eyes.
A. Bears have
B. Because having
C. Because they have – need a conjunction to combine the two clause
D. Because of bears
6. ____ at the isthmus of Panama, so animals were able to migrate between North and South America.
A. A land bridge existed
B. When a land bridge existed – need a conjunction to combine the two clause
C. A land bridge
D. With a land bridge
7. ____ mostly made of granite, it also contains some human-made materials.
A. The Empire State Building
B. The Empire State Building is
C. Although the Empire State Building is – need a conjunction to combine the two clause
D. Although the Empire State Building is built
8. Pressure differences make the eardrum vibrate ____ the ear.
A. Enters the sound wave
B. As sound wave
C. Sound waves enter
D. As sound waves enter – need a conjunction to combine the two clause
9. An optical microscope magnifies as much as 2, 000 times, but an electron microscope ___ as much as a million times.
A. Magnifying
B. It magnifies
C. Can magnify – the first clause use simple present, so the second clause have to use the same tense
D. Magnify it
10. If scientific estimates are accurate, ____ with the Earth about 20, 000 years ago.
A. The Canon Diablo meteorite collided need a subject and verb to make a dependent clause
B. The collision of the Canon Diablo meteorite
C. The Canon Diablo meteorite colliding
D. Colliding the Canon Diablo meteorite
11. Nuclear power can be produced by fusion, ____ produced by fission.
A. It can also be
B. It can also
C. And it can also be – the clause need a conjunction, subject and verb
D. And it can also
12. ____ igneous rocks may be changed into gneisses,
A. The temperature is high
B. If the temperature is high – conditional sentence type 1
C. High temperatures
D. If high temperature
13. Because a family of birds set up housekeeping in Joel Chandler Harris’s mailbox when the birds were on need of a place to stay, ___ the Wren’s Nest.
A. The home is named – need a subject after dependent clause
B. So the home is named
C. Naming the home
D. The home’s name
14. Today the true story of ___ at Little Bighorn remains a mystery.
A. Happened
B. It happened
C. What happened – need a subject after “of”
D. What happening
15. For more than a decade, ___ that certain species are becoming scarce.
A. The warning or bird-watchers
B. Warn the bird-watchers
C. Bird-watchers have warned – need a subject and verb to make a dependent clause before conjunction
D. A warning for bird-watchers
16. Early in the eighteen century, Halley accurately predicted when ___ of the 1682 would return.
A. The comet – need a subject
B. Was the comet
C. The comet was
D. Had the comet
17. No single factor explains why ___ vary so greatly among individuals.
A. Aging affects
B. The effects of aging – need a subject
C. Aging has an effect
D. The aging effect
18. Lack of clarity about ___ the party in the coming year will be removed at the party’s convention.
A. Will lead
B. Lead
C. They will lead
D. Who will lead – need relative pronoun and verb
19. We do not ___ the bow drill was first developed for woodworking or fire making.
A. Whether it
B. Know whether it
C. Know whether – “do not” should be followed by Verb infinitive and a conjunction for the independent clause
D. Sure whether
20. Minute Man National Historical Park is a monument to where ____.
A. The beginning of the Revolutionary War
B. In the beginning of the Revolutionary War
C. The Revolutionary War begin – “where” followed by object and we use begin because we need Verb infinitive
D. The Revolutionary War to begin
21. Test on the colors of cars were conducted at the University of California to determine ___ the safest colors for cars.
A. Which
B. Which were – need relative pronoun and verb
C. If
D. How were
22. The National Institute of Dental Research estimates ___ in fluoridated areas have about 25 percent less tooth decay when children elsewhere.
A. For school children
B. School children’s
C. That school children – need a subordinating conjunction for the clauses
D. That for school children
23. The process of photosynthesis explains how ___ able to use the energy in sunlight to manufacture foods from the simple chemicals in air and water.
A. Green plants
B. Green plants are – green plants is the subject while are is a part of the verb
C. Planting greens
D. With green plants are
24. The Moon’s gravity pulls water on the near side of the Earth toward the Moon, and this is what ____ tides to occur.
A. The cause
B. Causes
C. Causing
D. The cause of
25. It is not clear whether the subdivisions of the neocortex ___ units.
A. Individual
B. Are individual – simple present
C. They are individual
D. Individually
26. Modern humans, who first appeared about 600, 000 years ago, ____ Homo sapiens.
A. calling
B. were called – a passive voice in simple
past tense
C. they called
D. they were called
27. The first writing ___ evidence of is on Mesopotamian clay tablets.
A. We
B. That we
C. Has
D. That we have – noun clause to explain the object
28. ___ drought-resistant plants which store water in fleshy tissue.
A. Succulents are – need a subject and verb
B. Succulents
C. They are succulents
D. Succulents which are
29. Benjamin Kablesky, whom ___ as Jack Benny, was a famous comedian in vaudeville and on radio and television.
A. Most people’s knowledge
B. Most people know – need a subject and verb
C. Knowing most people
D. The knowledge of most people
30. ___ the hunted other animals tended to have very narrow, sharp, curved claws.
A. For dinosaurs
B. Dinosaurs are known
C. Dinosaurs – only need a subject
D. Like dinosaurs
31. The first eyeglasses had convex lenses for the aged who ___ farsighted.
A. Had become – past perfect
B. They had become
C. Becoming
D. It became
32. Chimney Rock, ___ 500 feet above the North Platte River, has eroded considerably in the last two centuries.
A. Stands
B. Is standing
C. It stands
D. Which stands – need relative pronoun and verb
33. ____ that accompany recurring bouts of severe depression reduce bone density.
A. It changes hormones
B. Hormonal changes
C. The hormones change
D. The changes in hormones is
34. Willa Cather is an author ___ for her evocative and memorable vision of frontier prairie life.
A. Whom readers
B. The praise of readers
C. Whom praising
D. Whom readers praise – need a relative pronouns, subject and verb
35. Mars’s tiny moon Phobos is a small mountain of rock that ___ from the asteroid belt by Mars’s gravitational pull.
A. Was probably captured – needs past tense verb
B. It probably
C. The probable capture
D. Probably the capture
36. Some scientists think ___ be a planet but a moon of Neptune.
A. That Pluto does not seem
B. Not Pluto
C. Pluto that might not
D. That Pluto might not – needs conjunctions, subject and verb
37. Fort Union was the site of what ___ principal fur-trading post on the upper Missouri River.
A. The
B. Being the
C. Was the
D. It was the
38. Since ___ commercial risk, it has to appeal to a large audience to justify its cost.
A. The face of the movie
B. Moving faces
C. A movie faces – needs subject and verb after conjunction
D. To face a movie

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